About Us

AQCD Technology Company (ATC) was established in 2003 in Hong Kong with a vision bringing higher quality compact disc to the audiophile market. After 4 years research and development, ATC proudly launched the Analog Quality Compact Disc, in short AQCD, in 2008. The objective of AQCD is to achieve “analog” quality sonics through the use of a specially-formulated purple polycarbonate which is scientifically proven to improve transparency relative to the red laser beam. In addition, instead of the standard aluminum sputtering, a special silver-alloy is used as the material for the reflective layer.

The success of AQCD brought ATC and Memory Tech Corporation (MTC), the largest CD factory in Japan together. Even more advanced CD was developed. We called it the second generation of HQCD, HQCDII. The launch was held at the 2012 Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show in Hong Kong. Near 1000 audiophiles witnessed the whole event and were amazed with the beautiful sound of HQCDII.

In 2007, MTC in Japan surprised audiophiles with a very special CD – Crystal Disc. Crystal Disc is a CD made of special kind of glass. It is very expensive, but sounds great and crystal! This is the CD which can provide as close as the original master.

In 2015, MTC successfully transplanted the complex production line of Crystal Disc into a one single pressing machine. Now MTC can be able to mass produces “Crystal Disc” in plastics disc – the 3rd generation of HQCD. MTC named it Ultimate HQCD, in short UHQCD. It comes with reasonable price, but with the sound quality close to Crystal Disc.

ATC proudly offer these 4 special kinds of compact discs to record companies all over the world. Major companies such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Warner Music have joined us and so do many independent audiophile labels. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Sample covers of UHQCD